Ritchie Slater Winery

The Ritchie Slater Winery was established in 1967 by our father Ritchie Slater. His vision was to provide an affordable, quality wine to all residents of Green Bay. In doing so, he and our winery became a local legend.

We’ve grown a bit since Dad was running the place. We offer 13 variations of our famous merlot.

Also, we are proud to announce that we now serve food! Keeping with Dad’s tradition of being a pioneer, we are utilizing the latest cooking technique – sous vide cooking – to prepare all of our food. By using sous vide cooking, we are able to create a perfect meal for our guests. We can cook steaks, chicken, vegetables, eggs, and much more. That’s the power of sous vide. It’s extremely flexible!

We want to thank our corporate partner, Sous Vide Wizard, for donating a wonderful sous vide machine to us. The Sous Vide Wizard has been cooking sous vide for well over 30 years. He now was his own website where he operates as a sous vide resource. If you need sous vide articles, recipes, or product reviews, I suggest you check his site out. You can actually buy cool sous vide gear guide

We hope to see you at our winery soon.

Take care,

Sandra Slater